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Welcome to the South Asian Peoples Forum online


Welcome to the South Asian Peoples Forum UK


The South Asian Peoples Forum (SAPF) is an anti-imperialist, pro-democracy, and pro-secular forum, which aims for the strengthening of people of South Asia across borders in an era of increased capitalist and military intervention, declining civil rights for women and men, and increased ethnic divisions between peoples. SAPF works in order to defend and extend the space for progressive politics in South Asia and in the South Asian Communities abroad.

SAPF is committed to fighting for social justice and against sectarianism and oppression based on religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, caste, class, and
ethnicity. SAPF defends and promotes civil liberties, by opposing state terrorism in the form of militarization, surveillance, and targeted policing in South Asia and in the communities abroad. SAPF is committed to expanding the spheres of women's and poor people's rights and freedoms across the region. SAPF joins other groups to challenge the entrenchment of the neo-liberal agenda in South Asia.

SAPF builds alliances with individuals and groups to share information, present speakers and facilitate discussions, intervene in the public sphere, and organize in communities in UK and internationally. SAPF is explicitly activist in its approach.

SAPF welcomes all those who identify with its platform and want to be active in its work.


Dr Ayub Mirza

Great Revolutionary of South Asia 

Progressive Writers Conferences UK

75 Years celebrations of PWA

   Our Activities  

Condolence Reference - Com. Jyoti Basu & Khawaja Masood

SAPF Condole death of
Ajmal Khatak

SAPF and Progressive
Writers Movement

Morning Star London and

SAPF organised Condolence Ref for
Ahmed Faraz in Bradford

Gaza Bombing and struggle of
SAPF UK to form U4P

Anniversary of Comrade C.R. Aslam
in Bradford by SAPF UK

Javed Akhtar Bedi's 4th Anniversary
in Bradford by SAPF UK

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Abid Hassan Minto

Habib Jalib

Harkisan S. Surjeet


Equality, Fraternity, Social Justice

South Asian Peoples Forum UK